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Private Dental Care

Teeth are not only essential for eating and talking but also for giving you the confidence to smile and laugh. This can have a great affect on your general well-being and health. Becoming a private or Denplan® patient offers a number of advantages:

  • Access to a far greater range of high quality treatment options.
  • Ability to book appointments when they are most convenient to you; including evening and weekend slots.
  • More time scheduled for discussion and treatment allowing you to get the exact result you want.
  • Crowns and dentures handmade by our private laboratories. These labs produce higher quality results due to the greater skill levels, increased time spent and finer materials.

Private dentistry involves the use of superior materials and first class treatment options. We believe private treatments should be fairly priced and represent a good long-term investment. An up-to-date price list is available below and also at the practice. Before starting any treatment plan we promise to give you an itemised quotation. This allows you to know the charges beforehand and to discuss alternative treatments.

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Quality Assured

3 Year Guarantee

Quality is vital to us and we have a great reputation for exceptional results. We therefore have no hesitation in promising that, in the unlikely event that an item of private dentistry needs replacing within three years; it will be carried out at free of charge. Private Dental Care