Brighter Teeth

Air Polishing

We are pleased to be able to offer Air & Go Polishing to our patients via our hygienists. Air polishing is a system that combines air, water and a mild polishing agent to help remove unwanted stains, and brighten discolored teeth.

Smoking, Red Wine and drinking coffee regularly are just some of the everyday activities that can cause your teeth to become stained or discolored, which can be difficult to remove with conventional methods. Air & Go polishing is safe and effective way of removing these, leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile.

NHS Dental Care in Sawbridgeworth
Whiter Teeth

Going to a wedding, or have an important
meeting coming up, and you want to look your best?

Air & Go is great for brightening your smile for
that special occasion!

NHS Dental Care in Sawbridgeworth

For More information on Air and Go, why not give our reception team a call on 01279-724121. Or if you’d like to know more about the team members offering Air & Go, why not have a look at their profiles here